Swastik Nandakumar



I’m a peak performance coach and business growth expert dedicated to transforming entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and service providers by working on high performance, accessing flow states, and aligning their work with their true values.


10,000+ Mentees

I've trained over 10,000+ People


I am Swastik Nandakumar.

And I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs build a business and life that is a 100% in alignment with themselves.

I have Co-founded a community of action taking entrepreneurs creating a massive impact called The Superhuman Challenge.

I am also the creator of The Superhuman Transformation – where Entrepreneurs learn to 5X their Business, Performance and Life!

My journey began as an engineer. But Business Lifestyle always intrigued me. It led me to explore 9 different industries like Music, Dropshipping, Construction and more.

I started various businesses Like an Online Jewelry Store, a Music Blog, an Interior Design Company, Dropshipping of Wooden phone cases, and more.

But, I most enjoyed working as a Growth Consultant for MNCs. In that phase, I realized the importance of building a business that is true to your identity, and not what the world dictates.

And ever since that, I’ve been on a mission to help people do exactly that – build a life and business on their terms – not what is extremely marketed to them. And this roller coaster journey led me to YOU.

I personally invite you to join the Superhuman Journey!

But my reason for inviting you is Selfish.

I want to be happy. And my happiness lies in helping my students and clients grow their businesses. And live a life full of purpose & alignment.

I know you want to grow your business. And live a fulfilling and purpose filled life! So let me help you achieve that!