Is the fear of selling holding you back from living your dream life?

Learn to sell what you are passionate about…and build the life of your dreams

The Sell Like Hell Masterclass is a 3 Hour Live experience that will teach you how to sell confidently without hesitation. Invest 3 hours, and experience the transformation.

Selling is about helping people solve their problems. Once you make this mindset shift, everything becomes so much easier.

Learn how to pitch your products/services to clients and make your first Premium Sale during the course of the workshop!

Stuck in a rut? Thinking doesn’t help. The only way to get out of a rut is by taking massive action. These 3 hours will help you actually implement what you learned.

You already have the skills. Learn to sell them. The 3 hour live experience will help you sell the product of the service that you are passionate about.

What will you learn in this Masterclass?

Let's listen to some of our Recent Sales Superstars

Why Learn From Me?

I am Swastik Nandakumar.

And I am on a mission to help small businesses make more money in less time.

I have Co-founded a community of action taking entrepreneurs creating a massive impact – called Sell It Like Swastik.

I am also the creator of Business Influence Mastery – where Entrepreneurs learn to 5X their Business (at the least)

My journey began as an engineer. But Business Lifestyle always intrigued me. It led me to explore 9 different industries like Music, Dropshipping, Construction and more.

I started various businesses Like an Online Jewelry Store, a Music Blog, an Interior Design Company, Dropshipping of Wooden phone cases, and more.

But, I most enjoyed working as a Growth Consultant for MNCs. In that phase, I realized I wanted to help multiple businesses grow at once. And this roller coaster journey led me to YOU.

I personally invite you to join the ‘Sell Like Hell’ Masterclass.

But my reason for inviting you is Selfish.

I want to be happy. And my happiness lies in helping my students and clients grow their businesses. And perfect the art of New Age Selling.

I know you want to grow your business. Or become a Sales Superstar in your current profession. So why not let me help you achieve this!

Recent Graduates of Sell Like Hell Masterclass

What Happens After I complete the 5 Day Masterclass?